I enjoy painting figuratively in watercolor and oils in small to medium formats. I see it as a ritual practice or meditation to connect my inner world with the world around me to reach a deeper level of understanding the nature of things and being.  Much of my art is intimate, in that it is for me, my family, friends and acquaintances. There are certain places that I want to capture and hold on to the experience of in that moment. I like to start off with drawings and watercolors, and, if it holds my interest, I will make a larger painting in oils. Watercolor is very freeing to work with, just add water. I plan for a moment about the composition then start building it with brushstrokes and layers of wash. I try to let the materials do the work, and not get weighed down by details. With gouache I may let myself go get lost in the details. It’s a really great place to be. Lately I’ve been enjoying water soluble wax paint and portraits. I also enjoy doing pet portraits. Contact me for pricing.