This year I started working with an app called Sktchy. There is a community of artists sharing their works and techniques and it is very engaging. I have learned a lot and am enjoying learning new skills and staying motivated. Check it out! My 30 Faces in 30 Days Gallery I had wanted to start… Continue reading Sktchy


This is an historic moment in the world where everything has been turned upside down. I have lost several uncles this year and one to Coronavirus. We have been in Shelter in Place for 38 days. I look forward to daily walks and trail excursions to catch those signs of spring I had been looking… Continue reading Pandemic

Spring 2019

I just updated the portfolio with a couple of oil paintings, watercolors, and some sketches. I discovered the joys of embossing powder, and went about decorating all my sketchbooks with it. My latest obsession is with water soluble wax based paint. I enjoy the vibrancy and transparency of it but they are also easy to… Continue reading Spring 2019

Still life

What’s happening in the studio this fall/winter? Still life and portraits! I still have some watercolor prints and postcards for sale in my shop in case you are looking for those hard to find gifts. Follow me on instagram @renerodzart. .

Oil Painting

I haven’t painted in oils in a long time and wanted to try it again. I took a 10-week online class in Octobver & November with Art Mentors¬†called Narrative Long Pose Figure Painting with Joseph Todorovitch. It is not for beginners, but it was really informative and helped me with the methodical process of building… Continue reading Oil Painting

We are all dancing on a tightrope

As a freelancer with an arts background, what did I do for a living? I have designed logos, worked at startups, worked at a high volume print shop downtown, worked with creative directors, restaurant and club owners, interior designers, event managers, and small business owners. I’ve painted on ceramics for minimum wage and was an… Continue reading We are all dancing on a tightrope

A month of watercolor painting

July was World Watercolor Month, to raise awareness and funds for art education. The idea is to paint everyday and share on instagram with #WorldWatercolorMonth. It was fun yet challenging. There were prompts of what you could paint but I didn’t follow them. It does help to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort… Continue reading A month of watercolor painting