After graduating from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Texas, I moved to San Francisco to study art, painting and film at the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA 1992). At SFAI, I studied with Carlos Villa, Julius Hatofsky, and Lawrence Jordan and co-directed student shows at the Diego Rivera Gallery. I fell in love with California and the ease of accessing outdoor adventures. I work in the environmental/renewable energy industry, and I enjoy life drawing at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Enjoying the outdoors in the SF Bay inspires my creative process. After a run on the trails, a bike ride in the hills or a swim in the bay, I’m filled with vivid sensations, and I have to paint it. With the abstract works, I enjoy exploring the movement in the stillness, the interplay between the figurative and the abstract, being immersed and swimming in color.